Sieben Personen im grünen lächeln in die Kamera, ein großer Pinker Bumper liegt unten Rechts auf dem Bild mit der Aufschrift: "working family - Hotel und Gastgewerbe in Rheinland Pfalz - qualifizierte Arbeitgeber"
Working Family is a network of family-owned hotels and restaurants in Rheinland-Pfalz, which cares deeply about the well-being of the guests and the well-being of the employees.

Ukrainian Refugees

Values as respect, appreciation, safety and warmth are taken very seriously by the Working Family companies, therefore it’s a given for them to support Ukrainian refugees in these days. We all are shocked what is happening in the Ukraine and we would like to help Ukrainian refugees by creating a suitable environment where job seekers can meet employers who are happy to support. Working Family members give refugees a perspective – this includes a job and a home.

Welcome to the
working family

Jobs in the family

Hotel Specialists

Hotel specialists are active in all departments of the hotel business. They work at the reception, in the reservation, in the sale, in the service, in the economic service (floor) or in the event department (banquet). They plan and organize the main work processes at the hotel. They are able to control the various commercial processes in the hotel organization.

Restaurant Specialist

Restaurant specialists serve and assist guests, work in the restaurant, at the buffet and in the bar. They welcome and advise guests, serve drinks and food, they will create the bill and cash.


Chefs perform all the activities necessary for the preparation of food. This includes craftsmanship and the application of kitchen techniques, as well as the planning and calculation of menu sequences. The work area also includes the preparation of menu suggestions and the consultation of guests.


Housekeepers are responsible for keeping rooms and public spaces clean and sanitary for guests by making beds, replacing used towels with new ones, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and ensuring new toiletries provided by the hotel are placed at appropriate places.


Dishwashers work in kitchens at restaurants, hotels and cafes to clean and sanitize dishes so that Cooks and Servers have the supplies they need to prepare food and serve it to customers. Dishwashers follow thorough dishwashing procedures to fully sanitize each dish according to health and safety standards.